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Pharmacy Data/Analytics

Indispensable Health offers analytics support to pharmacies and other healthcare organizations. Capturing data, organizing, analyzing, and solving problems can be simplified. Pharmacy Analytics can become a usable tool for your pharmacy management. Contact us for more information.

Pharmacy Analytics


Pharmacy Analytics

For Pharmacies and Healthcare organizations

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At Indispensable Health we have custom analytical solutions to help you make your best decisions and improve your company productivity and profitability.

Are you faced with time consuming data projects?

Do you realize you do not have the right information going to your accountant for proper managerial decisions?

Sometimes, we can solve problems that you never knew you had.

Indispensable Health offers healthcare analytics to pharmacies and other healthcare institutions to help solve managerial problems, save money, or improve efficiency.

Pharmacy journal entries, management efficiency, management ratios, calculators, forecasting, and data analysis are some of the many ways we can assist you.

No problem is too small.

For more details, or to get a free estimate on a project call 866.964.2638 or complete this request, below.

Here are examples of problems we have solved:

  • Proper Accounting data for 340B Contract Services

  • 340B Accumulators

  • Real time Variable Staffing Calculators

  • Labor Cost Calculators

  • Drug Purchase Price Optimization

  • Intra-system Benchmarking

  • Profit Margin Comparison among programs

  • Cash Flow Forecasting

  • Interdepartmental Budget Development

  • Data file development for projects like new computer implementation or ADC file management.

We offer clients subscription services and one time report options. Our outcomes are guaranteed correct. Further, for HIPAA sensitive information, we have secure file sharing options.

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