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The Measles Outbreak of 2019

While the national news is highlighting the outbreak of measles, we on our own Michigan turf have to worry about certain areas.

As of April 17 the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has confirmed 43 total measles cases statewide, and identified more than 100 sites of exposure across the state.

The outbreak, which began in mid-March, has resulted in 40 cases in Oakland County, one in Wayne County and one in the City of Detroit.

Additionally, an international traveler was diagnosed with measles following a visit to Washtenaw County, according to the MDHHS.

The measles virus can unfortunately live in the air for up to two hours. This is given that an infected person has to be present for this to occur. If you have been vaccinated for MMR (measles-mumps-rubella), you should be good to go! Usually, the CDC recommends that the vaccine be administered to children in two doses, first at 12-15 months old then again at 4-6 years old. It is advised that you check your vaccine records if you are unsure. 1 case of measles was found thus far in Washtenaw County. There hasn’t been a case recorded in Sylvan County thus far.
For more information following this developing story, follow the CDC’s website for current updates.

Ashley JoynerComment