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Grass Lake Community Pharmacy

Grass Lake Community Pharmacy is a retail pharmacy located in Grass Lake, Michigan. We offer a wide variety of clinical services. Immunizations, Medication Reviews, Discharge Consultation, many self care items.  We deliver the services with local staff. That means, your patronage strengths our community.

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517.522.4100  110 E. Michigan Ave, Grass Lake, MI 49240  Open Monday - Friday 9am-7pm, Saturdays 9am - 2pm

517.522.4100 110 E. Michigan Ave, Grass Lake, MI 49240
Open Monday - Friday 9am-7pm, Saturdays 9am - 2pm

Grass Lake Community Pharmacy is now hiring both part time Pharmacy Clerks and Pharmacy Technicians. Please follow this link to apply on line or come to our store to get more details. More information is available here.

Simple Transfer! Transferring your prescriptions to us is easy.  If you do not have all the necessary information, just call us. We can take care of all the details. If you would rather, click the button above and we will start working on your transfers!


We want to be your partner in better health.



Be suspicious of anyone calling you saying that they represent the Grass Lake Community Pharmacy. Specifically, we are NOT associated with the Good Start Program. This group is trying to get you to talk to them about your medications, instead of us. It has been reported that this program is very aggressive and annoying, calling several times a day. If they call you, please feel free to contact us.


Grass Lake is home to the managers and most of our pharmacy staff. We are here to help our friends and neighbors get well, and live healthy lives.



We have hours that support your busy lives. We know many of our patients live in Grass Lake, but work in other communities. We are open after work, to help you with your busy lifestyle.


free delivery

Do you have trouble getting around?  Are you home alone with the kids?  Just plain too busy? Don't worry, we deliver to Grass Lake each weekday for FREE. Just call us before 4pm for same day delivery service.


MED CARE AND MED CARE PLUS                                      

Two new programs designed to improve your health and save you time

Patients can now have their prescriptions synced to fill at the same time each month so that they can pick up all of their medications in one convenient trip. Your time is precious. Spend less time at the pharmacy and more time for yourself. 

Take the steps to improve your health today