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Retail Telepharmacy

Retail Telepharmacy

Save time, money, and enhance patient care with one or all of our programs.

Telepharmacy efficiency applications for Retail Pharmacies:



When should you consider Telepharmacy services with Indispensable Health?

It’s harder and harder to make it filling prescriptions. Pharmacies need an edge, like enhancing clinical programs, lowering labor costs, providing exceptional customer service. We can help you find your way in a crowded market and make your patients love you even more!


Clients with one or more of these issues should consider Telepharmacy services with Indispensable Health:

  1. Too busy: if you are at the breaking point, where you believe you should add another pharmacist, consider remote Pharmacist verification.

    It can take the pressure off the staff, and remove the backlog created by a pharmacist with too many responsibilities.

  2. CMRs and Flu shots: Do you have time you need to meet with patients in a private area? Do things start to back up when the pharmacist is away? Remote verification can help keep the processes moving while your pharmacist delivers uninterrupted hands on patient care the patients need and expect.

    Or worse, have you chosen to skip CMRs or Flu shots because you can’t fit them into your workload?

  3. Research and Problem solving: If you ever get into a bind, and need a problem solved fast, but it’s too busy to address it…let us help!

    We can take those time consuming problems off your hands, and either share the information with you, or your patient.



What can Indispensable Health do to stabilize my unexpected or unplanned pharmacy tech staffing issues?

Our techs will be trained on your computer system, have remote access, and can dive in and process prescriptions in real time, or after hours. We can customize our program to your specific needs.


Let’s face it. In some areas properly trained and licensed technicians are hard to come by.

  1. Too busy for one tech, but not busy enough for two? This is the area that we know we can save time and improve service.

    Imagine refills and new prescriptions carefully processed while your staff attends to the patients in the store.

  2. Sick calls, maternity leaves, turnover, and other life events for your technicians create unexpected holes in the schedule. If not handled well, those holes lead to less than desired service levels. With an Indispensable remote technician, those problems are not an issue. We can step in and step it up when the time requires.

Internet pharmacy

After Hours Call Center

What can Indispensable Health do to improve my service and repeat business?

This inexpensive service pays for itself with customer goodwill, and referrals.

After Hours

Not only is it great customer service to have a robust after hours program, most 3rd Party insurance agreements require there is one in place.

Our team can field calls from your customers as Refill requests, drug information, or physician prescription call ins.

If your team is too busy in the morning, let us handle your refill requests through the night or weekend? Flexible low pricing allows you to save time and hours in the pharmacy.

Regardless of you need, you can rest assured that our After Hours Call Center will handle your patients with the utmost care, and provide professional advice and service. This will give them peace of mind, until you open your store to see them next.

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