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Med Care and Med Care Plus

A program designed to improve your health and save you time

 Med Care is a new program through the pharmacy that allows patients to sync their prescriptions so that they can pick all of their medications up in one convenient trip. Personalized phone calls will be made before each scheduled prescription fill date to assess the patient’s current drug needs, regimen, and their health status. Any identified areas for health improvement will be reported back to the patient’s primary care physician. All of these services are available for NO EXTRA COST.

 Patients will be provided with   

  • One on One Counseling

  • Optimized Drug Regimens

  • Personalized Health Management


Med Care Plus is a program that provides personalized packaging of a patient’s prescriptions for each scheduled fill and front door delivery so the patient can receive their medications without ever leaving their home. All of the additional benefits of the Med Care program are also included.

Patients will be provided with   

  • One on One Counseling

  • Optimized Drug Regimens

  • Personal Health Management

  • Personalized Scheduled Packaging of Medications

  • Home Delivery for all Prescription Fills

 All of this while making fewer trips to the pharmacy.

Your time is precious. Spend less time at the pharmacy and more time for yourself.

Take the steps to improve your health today. Ask us about signing up for Med Care or Med Care Plus at your next pharmacy visit or call us at (517) 522-4100. We will be happy to answer any questions you have.

 Let us help you manage your health