Indispensable Health Pharmacy Services
Integrated Pharmacy Staffing, Management, Analytics, and Telepharmacy Services


Telepharmacy options include remote order entry, first call, medication reconciliation, MAR review, drug information and protocol double checks.

Medication Errors? Patient Complaints? Is your hospital pharmacy closed for the night or on weekends & holidays?

Telepharmacy Services may be right for you.

Nursing staff feel more confident, and patients are safer when the pharmacist is on duty. If you would like to strengthen the clinical care you provide to patients by adding a pharmacist to your team on off shifts, Complete this simple form and we will contact you to answer all of your questions. Or Call right now: 866-964-2638 extension 101

We have a selection of programs to help your nurses (and pharmacists) have better days and nights:

  • First Call: let the nurses call us. We filter out 90% of the questions that normally go to your on call pharmacist. Let your staff recharge by minimizing off duty interruptions.

  • Order Review: We can review orders or even MAR updates, before the staff gives medications

  • Protocol Double Check: Does your hospital policy require a double check, even at night? We can review the drug, dose, rate, etc. per your protocol.

  • Borrowing Drugs: The relationship with the hospital pharmacy on the other side of town is critical. Let us talk to them to arrange the borrow and loan.

  • Pharmacy Consult: Would you just like a pharmacist to dose Vanco? Adjust renal dosing? Whatever the physician would like to delegate? We have clinical pharmacists standing by 24/7

  • Order Entry: We were among the first in the nation to develop remote order entry. Put our experienced team to work for your patients. All of our pharmacists have multiple years of experience, and we use almost every pharmacy computer system. Our work is accurate, fast, and patient focused. Best of all, it’s a very inexpensive solution to improving the care of patients on off shifts.

  • Med Rec: We can complete medication reconciliation for you either routinely, or on weekends, holidays, or nights.