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Clinical Competence

Health Systems exist to improve the health of their communities. We help your health system by keeping a clinically strong team. We identify needs for protocols, practice improvements, and operations improvements to support the health system, its physicians, and clinical staff.

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Financial Efficiency

Pharmacy systems can be expensive: drug acquisition, automation, staff. Pharmacy expenses trending out of control can have such a negative impact on a health system that it takes experts to real them in. Our on site team has the support of a team with financial expertise that can help identify unwanted variances, and create efficiencies to fix them.

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Operational Integrity

Our system of inspections, SOP’s and communications gives executives peace of mind. Practically all Pharmacy Department leaders can use support in being inspection ready. Keeping up to date on law changes, regulatory agency compliance changes, and practice issues is complex and time consuming. Using our network system of compliance, IH Health System Pharmacies leverage multiple resources and tools to keep up to date.

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