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Telepharmacy services are an option to adding staff when volume and workload do not require an entire pharmacist, or pharmacy team. Our program enables clients to hand over services during the night, weekend, or other lower volume shift. If you would like more information on how to provide more coverage with less cost, send a discrete communication below, or call 866-964-2638.


Many hospitals have strict budgets and are unable to afford the services of a pharmacist or pharmacist/technician team 24/7.  Our programs give your nurses and physicians access to a pharmacist at a fraction of the cost of an on site staff member.



Do your staff need extra support at specific times? We offer programs that start and stop when you need us. 



We offer services not just for hospitals or pharmacists. On call only service is a very effective program that takes the headache out of being on call 24/7. We'll take the calls, solve the problems, and let your staff relax.