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Analytics 340B Owner Report Overview

340B Pharmacy Owner’s Report

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340B Pharmacy Owner Report Overview

Your customized 340B Owner Report will:

  • Provide you information to see which 340B scripts are truly driving your profitability

  • Show you how profitable your 340B business is

  • Show you which patient (by patient ID, NEVER by patient name) and prescribers to target for potential outreach

  • Help you make better informed decisions about the direction of your pharmacy

The key to unlocking your customized 340B Owner Report is to show you your Net Improvement.

Net Improvement is the additional margin, the extra money your pharmacy makes, by having the 340B program.

The Net Improvement is calculated by

  • First taking the Price you charge for the prescription and subtracting your cost for the medication. This is your Gross Margin.

  • The Net Improvement takes the Dispensing Fee that your Covered Entity pays you, and subtracts the Gross Margin. This is the “extra” money that your pharmacy makes as a result of having the 340B program.

You may already be doing this on your own. We take it to the next level by providing customized reports, showing you which patient id numbers, which prescribers, and which drugs are driving your profitability. You can then target specific patients or prescribers for potential outreach. You can also make better informed decisions about the direction of your pharmacy.

How will you use my data? How do I know my data are protected?

We realize that you are sending us some of your most precious data. Information about the number of scripts you do, the financial performance of your pharmacy, information about your prescribers. We take the responsibility of working with your data very seriously.

We will never provide your data back to anyone except you. Period. That’s it. We are not going to let anyone else know anything about your data.

In addition to using ShareFile to transmit data back and forth to your pharmacy, we will take precautions to help ensure we are not hacked. Your data files will be stored on a server that we own, controlled by an expert information technology company. This company makes sure that we remain up to date on the latest and greatest security protocols.

We do reserve the right to use your data in aggregate, for purposes of summary reports about overall trends, summary statistics, etc

For additional information, review our FAQ page here.