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Analytics 340B Owner Report FAQ

Pharmacy Owner 340B FAQ

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1. How do you get my raw data

You will need to send Excel or .csv files to us. The files will be sent from you via our Citrix ShareFile account. ShareFile is HIPAA-compliant. You will NOT need a ShareFile account. We will send you all the information you need about how and when to send the files.

We will need one file of information from your pharmacy, and one from your covered entity. If you have multiple pharmacies and/or Covered Entities, we will need information from all.

In many cases, your Covered Entity is already sending you an Excel or .csv file with your 340B data from the prior month. We simply need that file sent to us, in addition to pharmacy data.

NOTE: We will not accept data with patient names. If we receive patient names, we reserve the right to cancel our service to you. We DO want patient ID numbers, but nothing else that could identify a patient.

2. How will you use my data? How do I know my data are protected?

We realize that you are sending us some of your most precious data. Information about the number of scripts you do, the financial performance of your pharmacy, information about your prescribers. We take the responsibility of working with your data very seriously.

We will never provide your data back to anyone except you. Period. That’s it. We are not going to let anyone else know anything about your data.

In addition to using ShareFile to transmit data back and forth to your pharmacy, we will take precautions to help ensure we are not hacked. Your data files will be stored on a server that we own, controlled by an expert information technology company. This company makes sure that we remain up to date on the latest and greatest security protocols.

We do reserve the right to use your data in aggregate, for purposes of summary reports about overall trends, summary statistics, etc

3. When do I send data to you?

You will send data to us monthly. This will typically be sometime after the 15th of the month, for the prior month. For instance, you would send us data on about May 16th, for the month of April. We wait until this time so that any returns, etc, can be processed out of the data.

4. When do I get my report/data summary

Currently we are delivering reports well within seven days of receipt of data. There may be occasions where we will exceed seven days, but typically you will receive your report within a few days.

5. Can you tap into my pharmacy computer system to get the data?

At the present time we will not be tapping into your pharmacy computer system.

5. Are rebates factored into the calculations?

No, they are not.